KIckstart will often complete projects between the two founders but if we need extra firepower, whether that’s for something specialised like technical help, more heavyweight creative thinking or someone to manage and over oversee a large project we have people we have collaborated with over many years and call on them as the project demands. We work with great people who bring something extra to the table and add to the finished result.

Scott Grange  founder

Scott has many years design experience working on a wide range of design disciplines. Experienced in thinking creatively and working as part of a team to produce an effective solution for each clients needs.

Working through a project from the beginning with the goal in mind but also he is happy to explore and investigate the different possibilities on the journey – that’s where something great can happen. The spark that produces the unexpected that then leads to the best result. 

Scott’s experience comes from working initially within London agencies, then some years spent based in Singapore running a design company and has worked in other parts of Asia and Australia.

Still enjoys surrounding himself with good people and the energy that this creates to produce a great piece of work that the client loves.

Lee Stanley  founder

Lee has over 26 years experience shooting stills for commercial and advertising projects. 

During a stint with a graphic arts company he developed an interest in retouching and image manipulation.  Initially using a specialist retouch software package called Live Picture he worked on his own projects and also freelanced for the retouch ‘giants’ FTP in Poland Street,  London.  In time Live Picture lost traction to Adobe’s Photoshop and Lee switched programs and now uses Photoshop daily. A progression to CGI quickly followed as Lee realised the powerful, creative combination of 3d and photography.

When he’s not writing about himself in the third person he also shoots video and develops websites.